PICO Spaces aims to nurture creativity and entrepreneurship in Israel. Started in 2012 by Jerusalem based entrepreneurs who wanted to effect a ‘ground roots’ change in the economy of the city, PICO Spaces has played a key role in the capital’s resurgence as a technology hub.


PICO stands for People, Ideas, Community and Opportunity – four essential elements for entrepreneurship to flourish, and the values that inspired the first PICO Space in the Talpiot neighborhood of Jerusalem.

PICO Jerusalem

Home to a panoply of businesses, shops, warehouses, workshops, artisans and restaurants, Talpiot’s industrial zone was a great place to build an initiative based community that values quality entrepreneurship as a fundamental pillar of social development. Dozens of early-stage companies and social organizations got their start at PICO Jerusalem. In addition to offering shared coworking office space, PICO Jerusalem hosts regular meetups of entrepreneurs, social activists, artists and writers.

Adding more Spaces

In 2016, we opened a second Space in Talpiot and our first Space in Tel Aviv. These serve as the local offices for PICO Partners, the early-stage investment arm of the PICO Group. The majority of the fund’s portfolio companies share the Tel Aviv Space with PICO Partners, which generates both planned and serendipitous opportunities for collaboration for our entrepreneurs.